We are sad to announce that our fields have closed for the year due to a lack of inventory.

Beall's is a family owned and operated Christmas tree farm. Curtis Beall started the business in 1981.

In 2000, Sam and Katherine Beall became owners and operators of the tree farm. Each year we have seen regular customers return and new ones find us. We have enjoyed seeing children grow from toddlers to teens as many families continue their annual Christmas traditions.

In December 2015, we decided to close our field. We sadly realized that we could not attend to the farm as needed due to other demands on our time. We stopped planting new trees several years ago preparing for the day we knew we would have to close the gates for good.

We have enjoyed the families and friends that have been our committed patrons for the past 15 years during our ownership.

Our business mailing address is 1529 Snellbridge Rd, Dublin,GA 31027